SWIMS Agreement with Acume Aviation Training India.

Acumen began its training services in February 2019, sharing its wealth of knowledge so as to help sustain long term industry growth as the leasing market continues to mature. Since then, Acumen’s training team has successfully delivered aviation specific training courses for in excess of 200 technical consultants servicing both lessor and airline customers. As part of Acumen’s continued ambition to make quality aviation training available to all, South Korean based SWIMS Aviation has been chosen to deliver Acumen training courses in Korean language which are expected to commence in early 2022.

Certificate Program Aircraft Mid-Term Lease Inspection

Start Date                        Duration

                                        5 Days

This certificate program is specially designed to upskill engineers who wish to shift their career to the aircraft leasing /asset management industry. This training will provide participants with necessary skills and knowledge related to Aircraft physical inspection, Record storage area inspection, Review of technical records and Preparing mid-term inspection report.


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